Cotton Candy

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The Science of Cotton Candy Workshop

This workshop shows how sugar is transformed into a mass of fluffy cotton candy. Scientific subject manner includes: Energy, Temperature, Air, Speed, Moisture, Volume and Weight.  We also discuss the history of Cotton Candy and sing the Cotton Candy song.  The best part is tasting it.  Each child will receive a bag of Cotton Candy for their participation in the program.

Teaching Cotton Candy Science

Everyone loves my Cotton Candy Science Workshop.

Kids enjoy it at Summer Camp

Your child can help assist with making cotton candy.

Michigan Magician / Mr Wizard Magic

Making Cotton Candy

Children are fascinated by the Cotton Candy machine and help make it.

Cotton Candy Science

Explaining the process of the scientific transformation of sugar into Cotton Candy.

Balancing Cotton Candy

This Michigan School Show  is educational and entertaining. 

Click for Magic Show

The Mr Wizard Magic Show is full of magic tricks and audience participation.

Click for Puppet Show

The Puppet Shows are very funny and full of surprises.  Kids laugh throughout the show.

Click for DJ Service

We customize our DJ service for your event.  This picture is from a fun Daddy Daughter Dance in Northville, MI.