Puppet Show

This is Hoppy the Bunny

He likes to do sound effects and eat pretend carrots. Kids come up on stage to help the bunny. Mr Wizard has been performing puppets for 35 years. All of the voices are performed live. Music is added to the show.  Children learn about the different types of puppets. They are: Marrionetttes , Mouth Puppets, Hand Puppets and Ventriloquism style puppets. Hoppy the Bunny is one of the main characters.

Ralph and Suzie

Mr.Ralph and Miss Suzie find the Magic flower.  In this show Ralph is trying to 

A Very Puppet Christmas

This show is great around the Christmas Holiday.

About Us

Puppet Theater Show

This is a school show in Riverview Michigan. The big beautiful puppet theater is called the "Star & Moon Puppet theater."


I turn your child into a pretend human puppet. I hold the puppet mouth device in front of the child's face and it looks like they are talking. It is really funny and a favorite part of my show.

Summer Camp Show

Kids enjoy helping with the show.  This was a school show in Rochester Michigan. In this show, I let the kids work the puppets.

Bunny and the Magic Egg puppet show

A dozen different puppet characters help the Bunny find the Magic Egg.

A Very Christmas puppet show - Michigan puppet show

This show is filled with Classic Christmas Sing-a-long Songs and Christmas Puppets. Its a great show for Christmas parties.  It has all the elements of a fun Christmas.