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Magic Show


Michigan Magician

Whether it's a birthday party , school show or a big crowd of 150 kids at the Northville Public Library for my magic show. The hour long show is perfect for  kids of all ages.  My library show's and school assembly shows are titled "Mr. Wizard Magic Show" , "Cotton Candy Science" , "NASA Space Food" , "The Magic Flower Puppet Show" , "DJ Chris's Rockin DJ Party" " The Dinosaur Show" The new show coming in Summer of 2019 is " Daisy the Unicorn Show"


Magic show

A little girl assists me with a magic trick as she peeks her face through a circle and looks like a bunny in a hat.  Mom's take photos with their smartphone's because it makes a great picture.  If more kids want a photo like this they can ask me at the end of the show and I will let them put their head in the circle too.

Magic show
Michigan magician

Performing the Magic Drawing board

I draw a picture of a face and it comes to life and talks to the audience. I start by drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, face, neck. The kids are surprised when the eyes move right and left.  Then the mouth moves and starts talking.  He has a silly conversation with the kids and then I erase him with a cloth and he disappears. This trick has a lot of audience interaction in it and the kids laugh throughout.



Juggling Rings

 Here I am juggling 4 rings at the Southfield Civic Center. Large crowds gathered for a festival celebration.  Children watched me do magic tricks and juggling. I am their favorite Michigan magician. I also have audience participation with the juggling.  I bring a audience member up to spin a juggling ring on their arm with me. I also toss them one of my juggling balls while I juggle three. Then I continue juggling and tossing one to them too. They are helping keep the juggling pattern going. 


Juggling Clubs

I like to juggle special juggling clubs.  They look like the shape of bowling pins.  They spin fast while I'm juggling and are exciting to watch. I juggle different patterns and balance one on my chin. They can be performed in my show or as a strolling walk around entertainment at a festival or fair. Strolling juggling ads to the atmosphere of a eventee.  If you are having a Circus theme at your party then juggling is perfect.  


Fire Juggling

The fire torch juggling is performed outside. It is done under safe conditions.  The crowd just loves to watch it and cheers and claps while Im juggling.  It looks great at Michigan festivals and fairs. 

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